The Thar Desert Camel Safaris of India comes in the list of the fastest selling adventure vacations in Asia, including camel trek around Jaisalmer. Camel Safari is a great way through which you can explore the vast Indian deserts and there is also a unique way of enjoying the holiday. The Great Indian desert can not be as vast as the Sahara and Namibian desert, but in reality you can take a wonderful time, which can enjoy a camel ride while crossing the beautiful Seetaddel and the beautiful roofing villages. Unlike the African countries, you can easily reach the sand tunes of India from the airport and railway stations.

The camel safari circuits present in India include Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Bikaner in the former princely states of Rajasthan. In ancient times, this area was mainly successful due to trade through camel caravan. Due to resulting influx of money, a number of palaces, havelis and mansions were erected by merchants and the nobility of those times. By starting a camel safari in the Indian desert, you can join in many interesting activities like exploring villages, searching for wildlife in the area and boarding the desert sand. If you go for a camel safari around Jaisalmer, you will explore the Lodurva Jain temples, ruins of the Bhatti Rajput desert kingdom- founders of Jaisalmer, the Anasagar oasis, Sam sand dunes and Mool Sagar Lake. By the way, you can observe the daily activities of nearby villages. It would be great to stay overnight in a camp here.

While in the afternoon the temperature of the desert may be very high, the night temperature may fall below zero. Thus, you should take both wool and cotton. During camel safari, shorts and skirts are comfortable but social etiquette gives instructions that you should cover your feet. To save yourself from the sun's hot summer, during wearing mid-day wear wears sun rats with large rims or cotton caps, and taking a scarf for your neck can also be helpful. If you are comfortable then an umbrella can also be helpful. Do not forget sunscreen lotions, moisturizers and lip balm. It is important to take water bottles, medicines and citrus fruits. You can buy a bottle of mineral water from Jodhpur or Jaisalmer. The luggage is transferred by a camel or vehicle. If the second mode is being used, then pack the necessary accessories to carry yourself in a small handbag.