Travel Tips By Holidayvent


Keep a Checklist

Keeping a list in your hand luggage, will prove handy, should anything go missing and an insurance claim ensue.
Make a checklist of what you want to take with you about a week before your vacation to avoid packing in a panic.

Must Haves-Make Sure to Carry:

At least one set of clothes in your hand luggage in case of baggage delay or loss.
Appropriate swimwear / beachwear for swimming activities. You will not be allowed to enter the pool (at hotels and on cruise) without suitable clothing.
Your sun glasses, scarf, hat/cap, cardigan, camera in your hand luggage if your tour starts on arrival itself.
Your camera, if you are planning on taking photographs on your holiday. Check the batteries and carry spares, since it is often difficult to buy replacements. More importantly, carry a good supply of film rolls, as it can be both expensive and troublesome finding the right film and quality.
A comfortable pair of walking shoes; you may be on your feet for a long time en tour.


Your blood type, general medical history, list of any medications you are taking, known allergies, glasses/ contact lens prescription, etc.
Please carry your medication & all medical details along with a prescription with you, making sure they include:
Name and address of contacts in the event of an emergency.

Always Keep The Following in Safe Custody:

Baggage identification slip.
Air ticket.
Boarding card -till the end of the journey.
Personal Foreign Exchange.
All documents (except the embarkation card) duly checked and stamped will be returned back to you.
Proceed to the Immigration Counter; hand over your passport, air ticket, boarding card & embarkation card to the officer.

Hotel and Room key

Check-in and check-out times are usually 14:00hrs and 12:00hrs respectively. However, this may be different for some properties.
Each time you leave the room, please ensure you deposit your room keys at the front desk making it easy for your room mate to access the same.
It is not advisable to carry the room key outside the hotel; you may be charged (often, a huge sum) if it is misplaced.

Room Facilities

Coffee/ Tea/ Water.
Refrigerator/ Mini Bar.
Pay Channel/ Pay T.V.
Breakfast/ Lunch / Dinner.
AC/ Heater / Non-Ac.
Attach Washroom.

Shopping & Punctuality:

You are advised not to be lured or encouraged by anybody to shop at a particular place.
Please use your own judgement about price or quality before you buy anything.
Passengers will be responsible for any services missed out by them due to not following the stated time; this includes meals, transfers, sight seeing, flight, etc.